21 Dec 2016

No healthcare agreement between Ottawa and the provinces: Interview for Radio-Canada

The meeting between the federal and provincial government regarding the financing of health care services resulted in a failure to reach an agreement. Ottawa removed the offer they had presented during the day. Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Canada Research Chair in Policies and Health Inequalities: “This is continuing to do with what we have. However, as we […]

9 Nov 2016

Job Loss & Public Health: Interview for Radio-Canada

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée was interviewed on Radio-Canada’s show Les années lumières for their episode: Mise à pied vs congédiement. Explaining the particularly negative consequences related to individual job loss, she mentions the high-risk levels such an event can cause a person facing a new financial burden and identity loss. Furthermore, she explains policy’s place to alleviate these negative consequences on […]

5 Feb 2013

Delisting Medical Imaging in Quebec [Video]

  Amélie Quesnel-Vallée outlined how medical imaging came to be delisted in Quebec, its impact in developing private insurance systems, its potential threat to health equity and its future direction at the Pan-Canadian Health Reform Analysis Network in 2013.    

1 Sep 2012

Comparative Health Policy Analysis

Amélie Quesnel-Vallée shared her thoughts about the value of comparative health policy with the Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research in 2012.