Interview for Radio-Canada & CBC: Quebec doctors use loophole to sidestep new law banning extra fees

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logo_radio-canada_rgb_web_couleur1In a collaboration between CBC and Radio-Canada, doctors from Quebec are reported to have tried to get around a new law banning private clinics from charging user fees. According to the articles, doctors working at a private clinic have asked patients to find a registered company that could pay for their procedure. These services are also covered by the RAMQ when performed in the public system. However, according to the law, only the company’s employees should be getting their medical fees covered in the private system. Dr. Amélie Quesnel-Vallée was asked to comment on the private clinic’s practice to make such suggestions to their patients. Expert:

“They are recommending that their patients engage in illegal activities, essentially.”

“It was written into the law to avoid paying for disability longer and to get people back into the workforce faster,”

« C’est une interprétation qui va à l’encontre du principe de la loi »